YCEEC 2016 - The First Twenty

Dear students, parents and teachers;

Thank you all for your close interest in participating or becoming a supporter of the creative essay writing contest we have been organizing for the last three years. We have always believed that this kind of contest open the horizon of the participants and their eagerness to do scientific research before writing an academic essay as well as promote students' exchanging ideas throughout the contest period.

The evaluation process for this year's essays has been finalized and we proudly announce the FIRST TWENTY WINNERS who will have to come and sit for the FREE APTIS EXAM in the following days. The exam date will be announced soon and we will appreciate if you could respond your emails as soon as possible since we need some more contact details regarding the exam arrangements. 

The CERTIFICATES for all the participants will be delivered at the AWARD CEREMONY on 26 May 2016. The WINNERS are;

1. Armanda Gjoka

2. Blerta Daci

3. Desada Kurti

4. Emy Balla

5. Enise Tekines

6. Entela Bushi

7. Erka Shata

8. Fiona  Manja

9. Hergi Peza  

10. Joana Lame 

11. Klea Laraku

12. Mona Islami

13. Orseda Cara

14. Pegi Koci

15. Revi Kazani

16. Sara Muçollari 

17. Silvana Belegu 

18. Sindi Dojaka   

19. Trejsi Tena

20. Zelma Kapxhiu

Dear students, we would be very pleased if you could send your contact details filling the necessary information sent as a link to your email account and we wish you success for the next round. 

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!