The winners of the Creative Arts Club competition are announced

The Creative Arts Club in Bedër, during the ICELL 2019 Conference, awarded prizes to the winners of the second competition of this club, which consisted of the art of writing in English and Visual Language.
The winners of the competition were:
For the category of poetry (Bachelor):
1. Kushtrim Reshit - "Terrorism has no religion"
2. Oksana Xibraku - "The Contrast of White"
3. Ramadan Bufi - "Mother"
- For the category of short story (Bachelor)
1. Luljeta Murrizi - "Mental Health Voices"
2. Romina Babasi - "His Rosie"
3. Livia Zyli - "A coin for your soul"
Haxhi Raga - "Lights of Park" & Behlül Kocagöz - "A sailing boat"
- For the category of short story (Master)
Elsaida Hoxhaj - "Companionless Dreams" & Zamira Aga - "A Life of Dreams, Pain and Hope"
The purpose of this competition was to evaluate and highlight the creative and artistic side of the students.
Winning students were valued with certificates and monetary value. We thank Alexis Anastasia for the monetary support he gave to the club for the contest.