Psycho-Pedagogical Formation

Coordinator of Program

Dr. Irena Shehu

[email protected]

Scientific Board

Dr.Irena Shehu [email protected] 
Dr. Edona Llukacaj [email protected]
Dr. William K. Martin 


Duration of study

Continuing Psycho-Pedagogical Formation consists of one semester.

Number of Credits (European System of Credit Transfer)

Continuing Psycho-Pedagogical Formation consists of 35 ECTS.


At the end of the program, students are issued a Certificate in Continuing Psycho-Pedagogical Formation

The objectives of the program:
The objectives of the Continuing Psycho-Pedagogical Formation are designed to offer students the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for the teaching profession. Through the integration of theory with practice, the program aims to prepare qualified teachers ready to face the challenges of teaching.
Graduates of this study program will have achieved comprehensive intellectual and professional training, essential for practicing the teaching profession in various fields and disciplines.
The study program aims to:
  1. Develop the knowledge and skills of future teachers, including theories, methodologies, and applicable techniques in the practice of teaching.
  2. Empower teachers in the development of lesson plans, classroom organization, and discipline management.
  3. Equip teachers to address the specific needs of students, including their learning abilities, emotional challenges, and behavior.
  4. Train teachers to collaborate with parents and the community to enhance the quality of education.
  5. Provide teachers with contemporary techniques and methods to enable high-quality education, including holistic education.
  6. Empower teachers to monitor and assess student performance.
  7. Build a clear perspective on teaching practice, including assessing the diverse needs of students, their developmental abilities, and the use of technology and other resources for effective teaching.