Head of Department

Dr. Irena SHEHU

Dr.Irena Shehu is engaged as a full time lecturer at  University College Beder, covering mainly subjects related to Linguistics in Bachelor  and Master Program.

She has received a Bachelor Degree in the University of Shkoder” Luigj Gurakuqi” in “American and British Studies”. Later, she has received a Master of Science diploma in the University of Tirana, in the program “Intercultural and Tourism Language and Communication”

Furthermore, in 2016 she has received PhD degree on Education and Psychology, at European University of Tirana.

To add more to her educational background, it is important to note that she has attended many training programs and gained a lot of other qualifications in the field of English Language Teaching. The most important one is CELTA program in London, from July – August 2018.

Dr. Shehu has a long experience, more than 10 years, in teaching students at the high school and university level. She has gained the title “Qualified Teacher” from ASCAP ( Quality Assurance Agency for Teachers in Pre-university Education System).

She is a board member in several scientific conferences and journals. She is the author of a number of articles published in conferences and scientific journals at home and abroad focusing on teaching and foreign languages.

Her areas of expertise are: teaching, education, linguistics, research methodology and cultural aspects of English Language Studies.

She is a good speaker of English, French and Italian.